About Spicy Ethiopian

A little bit about us…

Ethiopia is one of the ancient countries located in the Horn of Africa, with a large population, diversified culture and traditions. Ethiopia is said to be one of the nature’s finest spices garden.

Traditional Ethiopian food consists of Injera and Wot. Injera is a thin crepe like flat bread made of Teff, an iron rich cereal grain predominantly grown in Ethiopia. Wot is spicy sauce that can be made with beef, lamb, chicken or any number of vegetables and / or cereals: such as lentil and split peas. The main ingredient is berbere, a hot spice that combines red pepper, cumin, cardamom, ginger, and coriander and other similar spices. The hottest, most peppery food in all of Africa is found to be in Ethiopia.

Dinning in Ethiopia is characterized by the ritual of breaking Injera and eating from the same plate signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship. The meal normally served on a MESOB, a large plate of colorful woven basket table with a variety of dishes arranged on Injera.

The Spicy Ethiopian Food Truck (one of its kind ) proudly brings the real taste of this traditional Ethiopian food to the streets of Toronto . With the most welcoming atmosphere. Our dishes are characterized by variety of exotic imported spices that gives them unique taste. . The vegetarian dishes prepared with herbs and mild spices are exceptionally flavorful.


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